Lissy is not only a true musician who just performs, but  Lissy mentors, coaches and teaches musicians of all ages to develop their piano,vocal or overall stage skills and presence under  Lissy’s guidance.

Lissy teaches from her own studio and many of her students have gone on to achieve fantastic personal achievements from fronting  bands, winning awards at estedfords, performing at school functions, recording albums and generally playing or singing for their own self satisfaction.

Lissy is exceptionally blessed to have the ability to see or hear the talent in any student who is prepared to work at developing themselves.

Lissy has worked with a vast number of students both in schools and through her own studio who have challenges or a disability…….Lissy encourages and supports all her students to enjoy music.

Youth Music Venture.

This is one of the youth mentoring programs Lissy has been part of for the past few years.

Dear Lissy,

Thanks for your fabulous performance at the Business Excellence Awards Gala Event on July 30, 2016.
Hearing you sing and play on the grand piano was beautiful. I also appreciate the energy you put into collaborating with Asta That hula hoop girl. Together the show you both created was amazing and will have people talking for a very long time. I am sure Asta will benefit tremendously from your mentoring and kindness. Thank you once again.

 Regards Natascha Wernick

The Business Excellence Awards Tweed Shire