Latest Lissy Stanton and Band News

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A warm sunny blue sky day turning to a wild and stormy afternoon culminated in a photo series that I will be using for quite some time. Above is a shot from Lennox Headlands above the beach.  Amazing shots from my amazing photographer.

My new website is still in creation….exciting times ahead to share with you all.  When the new site is up, do make sure you click on the opt-in button and you get a copy of my song “Tuesday”.   Stay posted, I will keep you up to date on the launch date of the new site.

In Brisbane this coming weekend?? I am excited to be a part of the World Wide Music Extravaganza Fete de la Musique in Brisbane this coming Saturday 21st of June and would love to see you there!! The Band and I are performing at the Melbourne Street Green QPAC from 3pm – its a short set so get there early!! Check out the Fete De La Music Website for more details and be a part of this pretty cool event.

Planning a trip to Newcastle??  On Wednesday evening 2nd July I will be performing a sweet solo set at Lizottes in Lambton.  It is also my birthday on that date so the more the merrier!! Would love to celebrate my birthday with you ….. check out the Lizottes website

Cheers and hugs, Lissy xx