Lissy Stanton at Lizottes (Newcastle) Review

Review by Renee Hodge Tour Manager for ‘Stone Empire’

Lissy Stanton

If you had to guess you might think Lissy’s dad was a rock god and her mum a fairy princess. This woman oozes soft, sexy sensuality in her look that is perfectly presented with both leather and lace. Her wistful, whimsical keyboard melodies bring back memories of sesame street tunes that jolt you right in your inner child. Her breathy, delicate vocals float through the room caressing the inmost part of your vulnerabilities, soothing the soul as only a mother can. But don’t be fooled, Lissy has a stainless steel core. This powerhouse of heart and soul isn’t afraid to feel the fullness of life and share its effect on her with openness and honesty. She can hurl a guttural, grungy line through the air in one second and then peer into the crowd with a piercing gaze from under a sultry veil of sandy blonde hair the next, which will leave you totally disarmed.

Prepare to have a range of emotions stirred by this woman’s persona and performance… if you can!lissy  stanton indie piano rock nimbin